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End of Tenancy Cleaning In PortsmouthIf you are going to move out these days you must have a lot on your mind right now. Moving can be very stressful. You have to pack your stuff and transport it to your new place. The tenancy cleaning is just another tough, time-consuming task on your long list of duties. When it comes to that chore, you must be as diligent and thorough as possible. It is not easy to handle it all by yourself. Getting professional help, in that case, is recommended. Otherwise, you may fail to get you security deposit back. Fortunately, you are at the right place – our company offers professional end of tenancy cleaning in Portsmouth and its surrounding areas. Yes we cover Chichester, Worthing, Brighton and Southampton too.


Our Tenancy Cleaning Service Is A Smart Choice For:

  • Tenants – according to the tenancy agreements, tenants have to return the property as clean as it was when they first moved in. This is the only way they can get their deposit back. Nothing to worry about. Leave that work to our Portsmouth end of tenancy cleaners. While you are busy planning the whole process of moving to your new home, we will make your old one look flawless.
  • Landlords – you want your property to be shiny and presentable so you can quickly attract tenants? We know that first impression is essential in order to achieve the result you wish. We can help you and make your house stand out from the competition.
  • Letting agencies – we work with number of local and national letting agencies. They find it easier to simply call us and leave all cleaning services in our hands. Thus the property will be ready for the new tenants in no time.

Choose Portsmouth Tenancy Cleaners For Your Move Out clean and get your deposit back

  • The end of tenancy cleaning includes deep, top to bottom cleaning of the whole property. All rooms, furniture, electrical appliances, fittings, carpets and so on. Although it is a very extensive job, our service comes with affordable fixed price.
  • Our end of tenancy cleaners in Portsmouth are diligent and hardworking. They are well aware of the requirements for inventory checks. They have years of experience in the field, so they are prepared for any kind of obstacles they may meet on the way. Our team never skip a detail. Starting from doors, windows, floors, carpets and going to sinks, taps, cupboards and drawers. Not to mention that disinfecting the dishwasher, the washing machine, the fridge and the bins is included too– all of them inside and out. Please note that we request the fridge/freezer to be defrosted on the night before.
  • Providing any detergents or equipment to our experts is not your responsibility. Our cleaning team will come to the property fully equipped, with professional detergents and lots of motivation. You must ensure only access to water and electricity. However, if you want to, you can provide your cleaning supplies to our team.
  • Portsmouth move out cleaners are available on short notice, even on holidays and weekends. They are ready to assist you at any time that works for you.

our tenancy cleaning portsmouth

What is included in the tenancy cleaning service

Our end of tenancy cleaning Portsmouth service is complete cleaning of the whole property. This is guaranteed service. What this means is that for your piece of mind we do offer FREE re-clean. Please note that the re-clean is guaranteed for 48 hours after the service. Our professional end of tenancy cleaners will do their very best to make sure that you receive your security deposit back.

Here is small example what our end of lease cleaning service includes:

End of Tenancy Cleaning Service includes:

* Grime and Dirt Removal

All surfaces and furniture will be vacuumed, dusted where applicable. Cleaning of floors, doors, door frames, skirting boards, fixtures, internal windows and sills.

* Spotless Kitchens

All kitchen appliances, cupboards and drawers will be deep-cleaned inside and out and all work surfaces scrubbed and sanitized.

Please note the fridge and the freezer should be defrosted in advance for better result.

* Sparkling Bathrooms

All bathroom tiles, shower screens, taps, toilets and surfaces will be de-limed and de-scaled, and thoroughly sanitized.

Please note End of Tenancy Cleaning Service does not include MOULD, the external windows, internal walls, fireplaces and mantle pieces.
These services could be conducted at an additional cost.

Please note the property will be cleaned as much as possible, depending on its actual condition.

We are not able to remove any permanent stains, mold or discoloration.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning is guaranteed within 48 hours after the cleaning has been completed.

Please note our End of Tenancy Cleaning refers to an empty property. Should there still be any belongings, the service is not considered
to be a guaranteed one and no free of charge re-clean can be organized.

For not inspected by our personnel properties prices quoted over the phone may need to be amended in case your property is larger than average.

End of Tenancy Cleaning does not include any junk removal. Any rubbish/leftovers, either yours or accumulated during the cleaning, will be gathered in bags and left in front of the property or thrown
into the bins belonging to the property.

Our Tenancy cleanin servi - kitchen example

How much does end of tenancy cost

We are hardworking local Portsmouth cleaning company. Our main goal is to provide the outstanding service on very comparative prices. We price the tenancy cleaning based mainly on the size and the condition of the property. However we always offer our final prices before starting the service. Thus there will be no surprises at the end of additional charges. Our professional tenancy cleaning services start as low as £100.00 for one bed property. Please contact us and we will provide detailed quote over the phone.

Special Discount on the carpet cleaning

We are happy to offer you 50% Discount on the carpet washing (if booked together with the tenancy cleaning. In addition to the carpet washing we highly recommend application of Scotchgard which is great stain protector solution.

Benefits of using our move out cleaning service in Portsmouth

They are many benefits of using our professional cleaning service. Below you can find only small list of them:

Getting Your Deposit Back:  Our professional cleaning service will ensure that your rental property is cleaned thoroughly, giving you a better chance of getting your full deposit back.

Time-Saving: Cleaning a rental property is always time-consuming and exhausting. Especially if you are already busy with other responsibilities. We can take care of the cleaning for you, freeing up your time and energy.

Thorough Cleaning: Our experienced move out cleaners are trained to clean every corner of a property. Ensuring that no detail is missed. This level of thoroughness can be difficult to achieve on your own.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that a professional cleaning service is handling the end-of-tenancy cleaning for you can give you peace of mind. As you can be sure that the job will be done properly.

Customizable Cleaning Plans: We can offer customizable cleaning plans. Allowing you to choose the services that you need. This means that you can have a cleaning plan that fits your budget and your specific cleaning requirements.

Flexibility: We are often able to offer flexible scheduling, making it easy to find a time that works for you.

Additional tenancy cleaning services:

In addition to our professional end of lease clean service we can include:

  • sofa washing
  • blinds cleaning
  • mattress washing
  • bed cover cleaning
  • hard floor polishing
  • outside window cleaning (insides are included in the tenancy clean)
  • outside patio cleaning
  • jet washing service

Please note that the above service are offer for an additional charge. However if you book it together with the end of lease cleaning we will apply 40% Discount!

Areas we cover:

Our move our cleaning service cover the whole great area of Portsmouth. As well as the below areas:

Why choosing our services?

The answer is simply the Experts Do It Better!

We don`t charge hourly but we have a rate for the size of the property. Our cleaners won`t leave until it is sparkling clean.

Many of our existing and past customers decide to use our pre tenancy cleaning services as well. Thus they ensure to move into perfectly clean and fresh property.

If you have any additional questions about our tenancy cleaning services in Portsmouth area or want to book a team of cleaning professionals. Then please do not bother to contact us on (020) 3677-5484. Our customer care agents will give you a prompt response. Also, do not miss to read more about our after builders cleaning service.

In conclusion, using a professional end of tenancy cleaning service in Portsmouth is a smart choice for anyone who is moving out of a rental property. With the benefits of a thorough cleaning, increased chances of getting your deposit back, and peace of mind, a professional cleaning service is an investment worth making.

Frequently asked questions about end of tenancy cleaning in Portsmouth

Q: Do you clean inside of the cupboards?
A: Yes, the inside of the cupboards are included. This is full top to bottom end of lease cleaning.

Q: Do you offer oven cleaning?
A: Yes, our tenancy clean does include oven and hob cleaning. As well as fridge freezer cleaning at no additional charge.

Q: Do you offer carpet cleaning?
A: We do offer carpet washing service. If booked together with the tenancy clean we will add 50% Discount on the carpets.

Q: Do you offer free re-clean?
A: Our end of lease service is guaranteed cleaning. Which means that if the inspection does not pass, we will come back and re-clean it for free. Please note that our guarantee is only valid for 48 hours after the cleaning.

Q: Can you guarantee that I will receive my security deposit back?
A: We will do our very best to make sure that you receive your deposit back.

Q: How far ahead I need to book the service?
A: Usually couple of days ahead is enough.

Q: Do you offer bookings on a short notice?
A: Yes, we do offer booking on a short notice. However please note this is subject to availability.

Q: How can I book my after rental cleaning service in Portsmouth?
A: Simply contact us over the phone at 0203 677 5484 or by e-mail and we will book the service for you in less than two minutes.

Q: Do you work on weekends?
A: Yes, we do work on weekends at no additional charge.

Q: I am not able to come back to inspect the property, what can you do?
A: That is not a problem, we will clean the property for you and will leave the key at place best suitable for you. Alternatively we can leave the key at the letting agents.

Q: Do you provide special prices for letting agents and landlords?
A: Yes, we do provide special discounted prices for letting agents, landlords and homeowners. Please contact us for detailed information.

Q: How much does end of tenancy in Portsmouth cost?
A: Our price is based on the size of your property. For example our prices for one bed flat start from £100.00. Please contact us for free quote.

Q: Does your end of lease cleaning service cover only Portsmouth?
A: Our professional cleaning service do cover the whole great area of Portsmouth. As well as Southsea, Brighton, Southampton, Chichester, Worthing, Emsworth, Fareham. Contact us and we will confirm whether we cover your area.


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