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Protect and refresh your floors by taking advantage of our specialised Southsea floor polishing!

Many private houses, offices, business buildings, hotels and malls have those marvellous natural stone floors that give an extra scent of style. Stone and concrete are beautiful materials, but bear in mind, that they need some regular maintenance too. Every so often, your floor, especially if it has lost its gloss, needs our stone floor polishing in Portsmouth. This way, we can improve the attractiveness of your floor, be it marble, granite, or even concrete. Remember, first impressions count. Let our Portsmouth floor polishing specialists create the basis for adorable impressions!

Commercial and residential floor polishing in Southsea

When we talk about serious business, you need to demonstrate to your prospective and regular customers, that you have willingness to go above the minimum. You have invested in your floors in order to create a beautiful space, and now you have to invest in a proper maintenance to keep it beautiful and elegant. Well kept, shiny floors show your high standards of excellence and quality.




Clean and polished bathroom floor in Southsea

Our polishing services:

Request your stone floor polishing in Southsea on (020) 3677-5484. Our Southsea floor polishing experts will take care of your professional image. Our floor polishing specialists could perform different techniques, depending on the floor moment condition:

  • Buffing – it is suitable for all kinds of floor surfaces and it’s like smoothing the roughness. The result – completely refreshed flooring and preserved material.
  • Grinding – it is some kind of scraping the top layer, it combines cleaning and sanding. This Southsea floor polishing technique is more complex. It is conducted thanks to a professional floor polishing machinery with diamond pads.
  • Polishing – extra soft method which provides sleekness and brilliance to your floor, while the dirtiness is completely removed.
  • Sealing – it provides any additional layer to your floor in order to protect it from stains, scratches, and all kinds of damages and dirt.

If you have chosen for your interior marble floors, surely they look magnificent. What you need to know about marble is, that marble is soft stone and over time it fades and loses its lustre. Marble is great material for bathroom tiles, reception desks and wall cladding, but it has the same problem – it’s losing that marble luxurious colour and shine. When you see the first signs, wait no longer!

Areas we cover in Southsea:

Southsea Central – Postcode: PO5

East Southsea – Postcode: PO4

Southsea Common – Postcode: PO5

South Parade – Postcode: PO4

Clarence Pier – Postcode: PO5

Canoe Lake – Postcode: PO4

Gunwharf Quays – Postcode: PO1

Old Portsmouth – Postcode: PO1

Somers Town – Postcode: PO5

Craneswater Park – Postcode: PO4

Fratton – Postcode: PO4

Eastney – Postcode: PO4

Portsmouth hard floor cleaning

Please note we do cover many other areas around Southsea and Portsmouth. Please contact us for more information and free quote.


Map of southsea

Contact us:

Contact our Southsea floor polishing experts for marble floor polishing. We can reveal all the beauty hidden in the stone again and again. Concrete floors are no less well-favoured in the business buildings, such as offices, malls and hotels. Concrete is manufactured modern flooring, which beautifies many halls, lobbies and premises. But do not be misled by its strength – it needs some grinding and buffing too. The principle of the concrete floor polishing is the same with the natural stone treating – it is being polished with diamond pads, resulting in shine and splendour. Concrete floor polishing in Portsmouth is a regular service, if you want to enjoy perfect floors.

You contact us at our number: (020) 3677-5484. Get yourself a free quote for professional Southsea floor polishing and talk to our friendly assistants. Make the first step to your brilliant floor, we’ll do the rest!



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