How to Deep Clean Your House in a Weekend: A Step-by-Step Guide

Keeping a clean and organized home is essential for a healthy and happy living. But with our busy schedules, finding time to clean can be a challenge. That’s why we are here to help. In this blog, we will be providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to deep clean your house in a weekend, using some efficient tips and techniques that will save you time and effort.

Preparation for the house clean

Before starting the cleaning process, it is essential to prepare and gather all the necessary supplies. This will save you time and ensure that you have everything you need for the deep cleaning process. Some essential cleaning supplies you will need are a vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloths, cleaning solutions, a mop, a bucket, and gloves.

Decluttering and Organizing

The first step to deep cleaning your home is to declutter and organize. This means getting rid of all the unnecessary items that are taking up space and organizing the remaining items in their designated spaces. Start by going through each room and creating a pile of items that you no longer need. You can donate or sell them if they are still in good condition. Then, organize the remaining items by placing them in their designated spaces.  If you looking for speedy guide for house cleaning this where you can start.

Dusting and Vacuuming

The next step is to dust and vacuum your home thoroughly. Start by dusting all surfaces, including shelves, tables, and countertops. Use microfiber cloths to wipe down surfaces, as they are more effective in capturing dust and dirt. Then, vacuum all floors, carpets, and rugs to remove any dust and debris that may have accumulated.

Deep Cleaning Bathrooms and Kitchen

Bathrooms and kitchens are high-traffic areas that require deep cleaning. In the bathroom, start by scrubbing the toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower thoroughly. Use a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for these surfaces. Then, clean the mirrors and windows with a glass cleaner. In the kitchen, start by cleaning the countertops and stove with a cleaning solution. Then, clean the sink and cabinets thoroughly. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the oven and refrigerator.

Cleaning Floors and Walls

After cleaning the surfaces, it’s time to clean the floors and walls. Start by mopping the floors with a cleaning solution. If you have carpets, use a carpet cleaner to remove any stains or dirt that may have accumulated. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe down the walls, paying attention to areas around light switches and door handles.

weekend house cleaning

Final Touches

The final step is to add the finishing touches. Replace any burnt-out light bulbs, fluff up the pillows, and add some fresh flowers or plants to add some color and life to your home. Don’t forget to take a step back and admire your hard work.

How to deep clean the carpet on your own

Cleaning your carpets on your own can be an effective way to save money and maintain the cleanliness of your home. Here are some steps to follow when cleaning your carpets:

  1. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove any loose dirt or debris.
  2. Choose a cleaning solution suitable for your carpet type. Read the label and instructions carefully before using the product.
  3. Test the cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet to check for any color fading or damage.
  4. Apply the cleaning solution to the carpet using a spray bottle or a carpet cleaning machine, according to the product instructions.
  5. Scrub the carpet with a soft-bristled brush or a carpet cleaning machine to loosen any dirt or stains.
  6. Let the solution sit on the carpet for the recommended time, usually between 10-20 minutes.
  7. Rinse the carpet with clean water using a clean cloth or the carpet cleaning machine, depending on the product instructions.
  8. Dry the carpet thoroughly by using a fan or opening windows to allow air circulation.
  9. Once the carpet is completely dry, vacuum it again to remove any leftover dirt or debris.

It is important to note that heavily soiled carpets or stubborn stains may require additional cleaning or professional services. Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning can also help maintain the cleanliness and prolong the lifespan of your carpets. In mean time if you like to have your carpets professionally washed on a very affordable price. You can contact us at 02036775484.

Maintaining a Clean Home

Now that your home is deep cleaned, it’s important to maintain it. Here are some tips to keep your home clean and organized:

Create a cleaning schedule – Make a weekly or monthly cleaning schedule that works for you. Stick to it, and it will help keep your home clean and organized.

Make cleaning a part of your routine – Take a few minutes each day to do some light cleaning. For example, you can wipe down surfaces in the bathroom or kitchen after use, or do a quick sweep of the floors.

Get the family involved – Cleaning shouldn’t be a one-person job. Get your family involved by assigning tasks and responsibilities.

Use storage solutions – Invest in storage solutions such as bins, baskets, and shelves to help keep your home organized. This will make it easier to maintain a clean home.

Keep cleaning supplies handy – Store your cleaning supplies in an easily accessible location so that you can quickly clean up any spills or messes.

Benefits of deep clean your home on your own

Cleaning your home on your own has many benefits. Here are some of the advantages of doing your own cleaning:

Cost Savings: Cleaning your home on your own can save you money compared to hiring a professional cleaner. You only need to purchase cleaning supplies, which are relatively inexpensive, and you can use them multiple times.

Customizable Cleaning: When you clean your home on your own, you have the flexibility to customize your cleaning routine based on your needs and preferences. You can choose the cleaning products and methods that work best for you and your home.

Control Over Cleaning Methods: When you clean your home on your own, you have control over the cleaning methods used. You can choose eco-friendly or non-toxic cleaning products, which are better for your health and the environment.

Improved Physical Health: Cleaning your home on your own can be a great way to get exercise and improve your physical health. Tasks such as vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping can burn calories and improve your overall fitness level.

Sense of Accomplishment: Cleaning your home on your own can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride. Seeing your home clean and organized can boost your mood and self-esteem.

Increased Knowledge: Cleaning your home on your own can teach you valuable skills and knowledge. You’ll learn how to properly clean different surfaces and materials, as well as how to effectively organize your home.

Better Time Management: Cleaning your home on your own can help improve your time management skills. You’ll learn how to efficiently and effectively clean your home, which can translate into better time management in other areas of your life.

In conclusion, cleaning your home on your own can save you money, give you control over the cleaning methods used, improve your physical health, boost your mood and self-esteem, teach you valuable skills, and improve your time management. These benefits can help you enjoy a clean and organized home while also improving your overall quality of life.

Hiring a Professional Cleaner for house clean in Portsmouth

If you find that cleaning your home is overwhelming or time-consuming, consider hiring our professional cleaning service in Portsmouth. Our professional cleaner can deep clean your home more efficiently and effectively than you can on your own. We do have the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to get the job done quickly and to a high standard. Additionally, hiring a professional cleaner can free up your time to focus on other activities, such as spending time with your family or pursuing hobbies.


Deep cleaning your house may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tips and techniques, it can be done efficiently and quickly. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can deep clean your house in a weekend and enjoy a clean and organized living space. Remember to take breaks and hydrate throughout the cleaning process, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends.

Deep cleaning your house in a weekend is achievable if you have a plan and follow the necessary steps. By following the tips and techniques outlined in this blog, you can efficiently and effectively deep clean your home. Remember to maintain your home by creating a cleaning schedule, getting your family involved, and investing in storage solutions. If deep cleaning your home is overwhelming, consider hiring a professional cleaner. With a clean and organized home, you can enjoy a healthy and happy living space.

Happy cleaning!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How often should I clean my home?
A: It depends on various factors such as the size of your home, the number of people living in your home, and your lifestyle. Generally, it is recommended to clean your home at least once a week, but some areas may require more frequent cleaning.

Q: How do I clean hard-to-reach areas like high ceilings and corners?
A: You can use a long-handled duster or an extendable cleaning tool to reach high areas. For corners, use a small brush or a crevice tool attachment on your vacuum.

Q: How often should I change my bedding?
A: It is recommended to change your bedding once a week to maintain good hygiene and prevent the buildup of allergens and dust mites.

Q: What is the best way to clean carpets and rugs?
A: Vacuum your carpets and rugs regularly to prevent dirt and dust buildup. For deeper cleaning, you can use a carpet cleaner or hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

Q: What is the best way to clean windows?
A: You can clean your windows using a mixture of water and vinegar or a commercial window cleaner. Use a microfiber cloth or a squeegee to avoid streaking.

Q: How do I get rid of bad odors in my home?
A: You can eliminate bad odors by regularly cleaning and airing out your home. You can also use air fresheners, natural remedies like baking soda or essential oils, or invest in an air purifier.

Q: How do I remove stains from my furniture and carpets?
A: The best way to remove stains depends on the type of stain and the material it is on. You can use a variety of methods such as using a stain remover, blotting the stain, or hiring a professional cleaner.

Q: How do I organize my closet and keep it tidy?
A: You can organize your closet by decluttering, using organizers such as shelves or hangers, and keeping a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule.

Q: What is the best way to clean kitchen appliances?
A: You can clean kitchen appliances like ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators using a mixture of water and baking soda or vinegar. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for specific appliances.

Q: How can I clean my home more efficiently?
A: You can clean your home more efficiently by creating a cleaning schedule, using multi-purpose cleaning products, and tackling one room or area at a time. Additionally, enlist the help of family members or consider hiring a professional cleaning service.



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