Our trained and insured Portsmouth office cleaners will make your office neat, tidy and shiny

The level of cleanliness represents your office, that is why the efficient office cleaning is very important. After all, we spent most of our adult lives in the office, so keeping it good looking is essential for a fluent working process. Portsmouth office cleaners are here to make your office a clean and pleasant place to work in. Unattractive, uncomfortable rooms quickly generate unhappy visitors, who do not come back, so there is no room to cut corners. And not only customer but more importantly employees too. Our office cleaners know how important the loyal customers and employees are. Thus our cleaners perform high-standard office cleaning, at affordable prices and in convenient time.

Why don’t you call now on (020) 3677-5484 and check out? Our reliable Portsmouth cleaning company provides:

Our office cleaning services include:

Here are some of our advantages while using our service:

  • Well-organized and thorough office cleaning
  • Convenient, flexible scheduling – feel free to choose the right moment for you! We don’t want to interrupt your business assignments and we are ready to meet all your requirements. The cleaning service can be scheduled before, after or during working hours. If you wish we can organize service over the weekend at no additional charge.
  • Wide range of services for every part of the office: polishing and sanitizing the surfaces; refreshing and airing the premises; office equipment cleaning; washing, wiping, hovering, and dust removal. Per request we can wash the tea towels.
  • Combination with some other useful services like window and upholstery cleaning
  • Reliability, safety, accuracy
  • All our cleaners are vetted and trained to the latest standards in cleaning of the offices. During the current cituation with COVID 19, we pay special attending to sanitazing as your health and safety is very important for us.

House Cleaning Portsmouth - office cleaningIf your company appreciates the good image in front of the customers and recognizes the benefits of the welfare of its employees. The we are ready to deliver office cleaning services in every district of Portsmouth. Our methodology, trained cleaning personnel and quality of products and equipment allow higher results than the competition achieves. It is about keeping your employees productive and happy, creating a nice atmosphere for covering their daily goals. Portsmouth office cleaners know that the overwhelming smell of bleach is not necessarily to imitate clean.

Combining cleaning services:

Many of our happy customers decide to take advantage of our cleaning services by combining them together. By this way we are able to offer discount on the second service. For example the cleaning of your office is suitable for combining with:

  • carpet cleaning
  • outside window cleaning (the inside in included in the original price)
  • upholstery cleaning
  • scotch gard application

How much does office cleaning cost

Our cleaning services will create spotless, fresh, Eco-friendly environment, that will make the presence in the office much more pleasant. Keeping cleaning standards for private homes is one thing, but when it comes to offices, the stakes are much higher. Our cleaners clean meticulously, delivering very high standard of cleanliness. Get the job done right, with our rigor and professionalism.

The price for the cleaning of particular office differ. The main reason for the different prices is the size of the office. What is our approach for pricing your office premises? We can quote you over the phone or alternatively (and much better) is to organize free of charge onsite meeting. Then we can see the actual size and condition of the property, thus we can quote accordingly.

Contact us

Our Portsmouth office cleaners will use their technical knowledge, necessary to keep your spaces clean with an image that conveys confidence. If you are a smart manager, maybe you are already calling (020) 3677-5484 to get a quote. If you’re an employee, tell your manager about House Cleaning Portsmouth, he will appreciate it.



"Your friendly cleaners saved my stained and discolored carpet. You really surprised me in the most pleasant way!" - Alison
"I think that I finally found the best cleaning services in Portsmouth. I am so satisfied with your After builders cleaning, Really amazed how fast and efficient your team completed the job. Thank you, House Cleaning Portsmouth! Now I really feel the effect of my home repair!" - William
"I am so busy, that I hardly find time to eat and sleep. When it comes to the hygiene at home, I always rely on House Cleaning Portsmouth. The results they always achieve are fascinating." - Kim
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