How often to wash your carpets?

Everybody loves new and fresh carpet, but with time all types of carpeting and fabrics at home attract dust and stains. Therefore, they need regular deep steam cleaning. When it comes to carpets and upholstery, their maintenance is more complicated because dirt can embed deeply in the fibres and remain there for months. Undoubtedly, frequent vacuuming keeps carpets and upholstery clean but that is not enough for maintaining their quality and appearance. You will need professional help at some point. And here comes our professional carpet cleaning help – the service that helps you fight dirt and dust mites at home.

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In fact, using professional assistance in carpet steam cleaning is required at least once a year. People who suffer from allergies or own pets should do that even more often. Professional carpet cleaners have the knowledge and experience, so you will undoubtedly notice the difference in the condition of your carpet once they finish with the procedure.


Carpet Cleaning Methods – Steam or Dry?

Our carpet cleaners in Portsmouth use two different methods โ€“ steam cleaning and dry cleaning. We present you the advantages of both alternatives โ€“ they are both suitable for carpet and upholstery cleaning. However they are highly specific and our technician will advise which one is best suitable for your carpet (unless stated on the item).

Steam Cleaning

  • Recommended by the manufacturers;
  • Friendly to the environment โ€“ it requires the use only of water and heat;
  • Efficient in removing dust mites, built-in dirt, any types of spills and stains;
  • Effective against unpleasant odours;
  • Health advantages.
  • Its great for mattress cleaning
  • Stain treatment and stain removing

Thanks to our modern technical equipment, our Portsmouth carpet cleaners are able to handle every challenge. Our machines can extract dirt deep from the inner layers of your rugs, sofas, upholstery or mattresses.

Dry Cleaning

  • No moisture left behind;
  • No need of drying time;
  • No mould, residue or detergent;
  • Results lasting for a long time;
  • Safe to the delicate fabrics;
  • Helps to reduce the risk of allergies.

The procedure involves rubbing special dry cleaning powder in the fabrics and then heat it to a certain temperature. The powder has the ability to attract and absorb any dirt. In the end, your carpet will be bright and refreshed.

Whichever cleaning technique is chosen, you should keep in mind the following information:

  • You must remove the furniture from the area/room before the experts arrive at your home;
  • If there are stains on your fabrics, then try to remember what was spilt. That will help our Portsmouth carpet cleaners decide how to treat the spots before steaming. Drying takes usually a few hours so have that in mind before putting back the furniture in its place;
  • If you notice any streaks on your carpet after the procedure is done, do not worry. It is an optic illusion (like in lawn mowing) โ€“ it`s not a damage.


How much does it cost to have carpets professionally cleaned?

The idea of renting machine and washing the carpets yourself may be tempting. But based on our experience in the end of the day you will pay more. This is not so good idea, as you have to pay for the rental steam carpet cleaner. And you may damage your carpet if the service is not performed properly. And then you will end up calling the carpet washers – and pay them too.

To answer the question, how much does it cost to wash the carpets? The prices may vary depending on the type and the condition your carpet. However the general prices are in the range of ยฃ20.00 to ยฃ30.00 per room.

But you can always take advantage of our special carpet cleaning deal. We offer 50% Discount on both carpet cleaning methods when booked together End of Tenancy Cleaning or After Builders Cleaning service.


Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Service?

Professional Carpet Cleaning In PortsmouthOnce you realize the necessity of professional cleaning procedure, the next question is how to choose the right company.

Our team is popular with reliable, experienced cleaners who are ready to deal with every cleaning issue in front of them. Check out the main advantages of our carpet cleaning service:

High-quality cleansers and equipment

Our Portsmouth carpet cleaners use top-branded detergents. What is more, these products are harmless to nature or human health. Our experts work with modern Prochem equipment such as high-quality steam cleaners, high-power vacuums. Thanks to those innovative cleaning techniques, they are able to deal with any kind of stubborn stains, dirt and dust mites.


The date and time of our visit are entirely up to you. Our cleaning experts can come to your premises seven days a week and solve the problem right away. You will be definitely glad about the final results of their work.

Very affordable and competitive prices

Using our cleaning services in Portsmouth would not break your budget. There’s no need to spend anything for expensive cleaning agents. Our professionals have everything tested and know the best way to clean your carpets efficiently. You only have to reach us and book a service at a price you would love.

Whenever you have any questions or queries, contact our customer care agents on (020) 3677-5484. You can also check our end of tenancy cleaning service available in all Portsmouth areas.


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