Scotchgard Protector - House Cleaning PortsmouthThe scotchgard protector provides supplementary and special care for your home furniture and decors should be put on a pedestal. If you want your house or apartment to shine from cleanness and hygiene then this is the right choice for you. The pleasant atmosphere in a particular room is rule number one, when it comes to domestic convenience and comfort. Adding a super efficient and extra additional technique for upholstery, carpet and mattress surfaces is a great chance for you to maintain home neatness and purity.

Scotchgard ProtectorHave you heard about Scotchgard protector? This cool product for perfection and complete cleanness at home is waiting for you at House Cleaning Portsmouth. It is a marker, an application, and a flexible tool for stain prevention. You may forget about the stains and the awful remains from food and drinks – Scotchgard Protector is now available as an additional cleaning service (with Deep Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, After Builders Cleaning and End of Tenancy Cleaning).

On the other hand, you can always get the application separately. If your house or apartment is located in Portsmouth, have no hesitations, call us on (020) 3677-5484 and arrange your home hygiene and domestic cleanness in advance. There is no other way for you to realize and convince in the benefits of the special marker SP for carpets, upholstery, furniture, and mattresses, but to try it.

Most common features and high qualities of the product:

  • It is a universal stain repellent product – however, when requesting it, you may inform the cleaning agents for the type of the fabric and cloth. They will precise, if this method is suitable for your carpet or upholstery.
  • The duration of the protector is averagely a year (depending on the usage/traffic)
  • It is very appropriate for brand new upholstery and carpets.
  • It is a long-lasting water repellent cleaning application. Though, we advise you to avoid washing or cleaning the furniture, upholstery, and the carpet frequently, if the Scotchgard is applied on them.
  • You will be amazed by the awesome effect from the double cleaning and stain prevention, if you combine Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning with the Scotchgard Protector. The price you will pay will be bigger (according to the type of cleaning – Steam or Dry cleaning options), but the clean and pure effect will be also greater.
  • Accept the SP as an additional layer to your upholstery or carpet. This layer will protect them from tears and wastage.

Do you need Scotch Guard?

Based on our experience, they are only positive sides of this product. At the end of the day the price for the application of the scotch guard is very small compared to what it does. And that is to safe your valuable carpets and upholstery.

Our team is available to apply the protector even in your vehicle.

If you are an outgoing person, they are more good news. We can apply the protector on your clothes or gear which will save it for time to come.

Get yourself this innovative technology Scotchgard Protector and you’ll never regret it. Things that make life easier really exist and you already know where to find one of them: House Cleaning Portsmouth . Just contact us on (020) 3677-5484 or and leave yourself in the good hands of our trained staff!

Scotchgard Protector Prices:

The price for Scotchgard application on a single carpet is equal to the price for the cleaning of that carpet. In this case, the method /steam or dry cleaning/ and the size of the rug or the carpet matter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for Free online! Our team is available 24/7 online. They are no hidden charges and work over the weekend or over the holidays is not charged additionally.


"Your friendly cleaners saved my stained and discolored carpet. You really surprised me in the most pleasant way!" - Alison
"I think that I finally found the best cleaning services in Portsmouth. I am so satisfied with your After builders cleaning, Really amazed how fast and efficient your team completed the job. Thank you, House Cleaning Portsmouth! Now I really feel the effect of my home repair!" - William
"I am so busy, that I hardly find time to eat and sleep. When it comes to the hygiene at home, I always rely on House Cleaning Portsmouth. The results they always achieve are fascinating." - Kim
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